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    Michelle Lovric has created more than a hundred illustrated anthologies, which have sold over a million copies around the world.

Her Love Letters an Anthology of Passion is one of the few gift books to have become a New York Times best-seller.

As an anthologist, she maintains large databases of text and visual material on gift-book subjects including memoir, love poems and letters, female and male wit, relationships, slang/cursing/archaic words and esoteric medical matters. Go to
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For publishers, she can supply finished books, text on disc, films or crc.

She works with the international production consultants Imago to produce books with novelties, including pop-ups, tip-ins, origami and embossing.

For craft books, Michelle Lovric works with the acclaimed photographer and stylist Debbie Patterson some of whose work is featured on this site. To contact her:

To enquire about current new projects or commissioning an anthology/gift book please email
m l at (use @ symbol) michellelovric dot (use full stop)  com
(Please type it with no spaces. Apologies for this but it prevents spamming.)



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